Sony DSC - HX20V Digital Camera Fehler E:62:10

Sony DSC HX20V Digital Camera
Fehler E:62:10 Bildstabilisierung
  • Sarvesh Kashelikar

    Zom out the lens and Remove battery when the Lens is still worked for me...


    Hello,I had the E62:10 Error Message with my PJ740 Camcorder after it fall around 1m onto the ground.It would start up fine, but after 7-10s the lens would become loose and would not stabilize anymore.You could hear that the Gyros would spin down, so the camera was detecting an error and stopped stabilization.I tried slapping and resetting to no avail. also repeated "smash it on the floor from little bit less height" didn´t solve the obious mechanical problem.I then watched the Sony BOSS Video on youtube and recockned that the lens should move in all directions and is a solid unit together with the sensor.I then reckoned that the lens would only move left and right, but not up and down anymore as shown in the video.So i applied some force to move the lens up and down, you could then hear a loud "plong" noise inside the camera, and et voila, its working again as on it´s first day.I think the same trick applies also to all other BOSS-models like cx730, cx740, pj780, pj650, etc.So:if the camcorder crashes, something might be stuck inside.Slapping and hitting the cam might not be the best choice, first try if the lens is still moveable in all directions, and if not apply force to it to regain BOSS-Ability.E62:10 will then disappear.Good Luck!

  • Andy DiMartino

    Is that supposed to be educational in any way?

  • Aquilegia

    Problem solved for me: I did just as STEFAN RESORB wrote: move manually a few times the lens up and down, left and right when the zoom is full out

  • sowhatprod

    Take out the battery. Clean contacts. The problem was solved for me :-D(I took out the battery while the power was on)

  • Sony E.62.10

    This is a problem many users are experiencing using Sony camera's. Take a look at A temporary solution is indeed available at

  • Drunken Days

    E: 62: 10 failed to initialize the lens, image stabilizer unit Check and replace the chip "SteadyShot" controller if necessary

  • Karl-Otto Franz

    Ich folgte einem Tip aus dem Internet: Ausgeschaltet aus 50cm Höhe auf Teppichboden fallen lassen. Es hat funktioniert - die Kamera geht wieder. Alle anderen Vorschläge aus dem Internet haben nicht funktioniert. 3 tage später  - wenige bilder -  : gleicher fehler

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